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Is College Tuition Included In Child Support Orders In Connecticut?

As most parents realize, supporting and nurturing a child does not suddenly end at age 18. Most children need financial support to be able to go to college. Because a college education is such a key component of success in life, Connecticut courts can include college tuition in child support orders. These orders are called educational support orders.
Connecticut law allows a court to order a parent to pay for a child’s education, within some parameters:
  • The order covers four years of undergraduate or vocational/occupational school.
  • The order ends when the child turns age 23.
  • The court can order this only if it is more than likely the parents would have paid for the education had they stayed married.
  • At the time of admission, the parents have to agree on the school, or the court will decide.
  • The child must enroll in enough classes to equal half of full-time enrollment, maintain good academic standing and make their academic records available to the parents.
  • The order can include tuition, room, board, books, fees, applications costs and dues, but cannot be more than the amount charged by the University of Connecticut at the time the child begins school.
An order of educational support must be ordered at the time of divorce, and cannot later be created unless there is a provision in the divorce stating that a future order can be made.
When creating the order, the court can consider the parents’ incomes, assets and obligations (including those to other dependents); the child’s need to, preparation to, and commitment to attend college; and the availability of financial aid when deciding whether an order should be created.
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