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Supreme Court Clears Way for Same-Sex Marriage in Idaho

There has been considerable growth in support of the rights of same-sex couples to marry in more and more states across the nation.

In an October 2014 article, the Connecticut Post detailed some of the most recent news related to the issue, including an October 10th order from the U.S. Supreme Court denying appeals from public officials to maintain the same-sex marriage ban in Idaho. Earlier that week, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy issued a temporary hold on gay marriages in the state, after officials had asked for a delay. He also accidentally blocked these marriages in Nevada in the process, but quickly clarified that his decision applied to Idaho only.

County clerks in North Carolina have also been given the go-ahead to begin approving same-sex marriage licenses after a federal judge ruled that the ban in that state was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has declined to hear any appeals of cases related to the issue from the Fourth Circuit Court in North Carolina.

Connecticut has been ahead of the curve, as a court ruling in 2008 found that the state’s civil unions did not offer protections and benefits equivalent to those provided to opposite-sex married couples. After Massachusetts in 2004 and California earlier in 2008, CT became just the third state to allow gay marriages.

Same-sex couples can now legally marry and enjoy the same benefits as any other married couple in more states than ever. However, if a couple decides to move to one of the 22 states that does not allow same-sex marriages, they may not have access to the same rights. Fortunately, it’s changes will continue in the years to come, as current trends point to gay marriage being legalized in all 50 states within the next several years.

Even though there has been much progress already, same-sex couples in Connecticut face unique legal challenges when it comes to marriage and divorce. Consult a family law attorney for support. 

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