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Connecticut Divorce and Taxes

Greenwich and Westport lawyers to advise you about complex taxation issues

Your divorce creates many changes. The division of your household affects your income, expenses, property ownership and child care responsibilities — all of which impact your tax obligations. Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, LLC was established in 1982 to assist families with matrimonial and domestic issues. Our Greenwich and Westport divorce lawyers help to get you answers and experienced tax advisers to advise you on reducing your tax obligations and complying with IRS regulations.

Considering effects of taxation on your divorce strategy

Our team applies sophisticated knowledge about finances and taxation to develop the most beneficial plan for maximizing the amount of post-dissolution property and income you receive and for minimizing the taxes you owe. As we strategize divorce negotiations and litigation, we consider the answers to crucial tax questions, including:

  • Which parent can claim your children as dependents?
  • Are your child support obligations tax-deductible?
  • Should you report spousal support and alimony as income?
  • What are the tax consequences of lump-sum alimony versus monthly support payments?
  • How will selling your home affect your tax obligations?
  • Can you deduct any of the expenses related to your divorce from your income?
  • Do you have recourse if you discover that your spouse under-reported taxes on your past joint returns?

Tax matters after divorce

Changes in your circumstances — such as transfer of custody, reduction in child support or termination of alimony — can affect your tax obligations many months or years after your divorce. Our family law attorneys continue to guide you through the unique relationship between taxes and post-divorce matters.

Consult our Connecticut divorce lawyers about your taxation issues

Learn more about the effect of divorce on your tax obligations and how we can strategize the most beneficial tax structure for you. Call the Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, LLC Westport office at 203-227-7301 or our Greenwich office at 203-869-7277 or contact us online to schedule your consultation.


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