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Estate planning tools in Westport and Greenwich marriages and divorces

When you marry, you comingle assets and acquire new property as a couple — complicating the issue of property rights. Divorce and remarriage can further cloud ownership and interests. Established in 1982, Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, LLC focuses exclusively on family law issues. Our financial and estate planning team advises you on estate planning tools designed to protect your assets.

Preserving assets for your children

Connecticut laws govern an individual’s rights to marital property after the divorce or death of a spouse. Through effective estate planning, you can preserve assets for your children who were born prior to your current marriage. We assist you in establishing trusts to hold premarital property and in negotiating solid prenuptial agreements. By making these decisions during prenuptial planning, you can feel confident that your children will receive the inheritance you intended.

Keeping individual property separate from marital assets

While the court will have jurisdiction over all your property, you should take purposeful steps to attempt to protect an inheritance you receive during your marriage. If you comingle the funds with your joint account and make purchases with a combination of what you inherited and your spouse’s money, your bequest may be more likely to be subject to a claim by your divorcing spouse.

Revising your last will after divorce

Your last will and testament never expires and its terms are enacted upon your death. However, changed circumstances may alter your intentions, which should be addressed in an amended or new document. We can direct you to highly trained attorneys to assist you in revising your estate plan following your separation or divorce.

Consult our Connecticut divorce lawyers about the implications for your estate plan

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