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During and after your divorce, you face tough questions about providing a stable, healthy environment for your children. Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, LLC was established in 1982 by experienced lawyers focused exclusively on family law matters. Our Westport, Greenwich and New Canaan child custody lawyers assist you with such challenging issues as:

  • Child custody — We argue for the best circumstances for your child — whether joint or sole custody — and prove through clear, persuasive evidence that the court should award you custody.
  • Child visitation — Divorce should not interfere with your relationship with your children. We negotiate fair parenting plans or aggressively pursue your parental rights at trial.
  • Psychological issues and custody evaluations — In cases involving contested custody disputes, we stand by you to ensure your rights are protected and your children’s best interests are served during the evaluation process.
  • Alcohol and substance abuse and testing in custodial settings — If you suspect the other parent is addicted to drugs or alcohol, we ask that the court order testing as a condition of visitation. We have vast experience representing parents whose spouse is impaired, as well as representing the impaired parent, and have secured 50/50 plans, even for spouses who have exhibited significant issues.
  • Guardians ad litem and attorneys for minor children — Because of our skills and dedication, our lawyers instruct other lawyers and mental health professionals, and the courts regularly appoint our lawyers as guardians ad litem and attorneys to represent the interests of minor children.
  • Child support — With our extensive knowledge about financial matters, our team is able to create plans that address all aspects of child support obligations. We aggressively seek enforcement if the other parent does not abide by the obligations imposed by the court.
  • Parent relocation during or after divorce — Our team has tried numerous relocation cases and played an essential role in passing the current laws on what the courts consider in making decisions about potential relocation.

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