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Both parents should share the financial obligations of raising your children. Because the custodial parent handles day-to-day expenses and more extensive childrearing duties, the non-custodial parent is ordered to pay a percentage of support based on the income of each parent. Founded in 1982, Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, LLC negotiates for settlements and argues for verdicts that reflect fair allocation of financial support and that help our clients most effectively raise their children.

Child support guidelines

In determining how support should be divided, the courts rely on the State of Connecticut Commission for Child Support and Arrearage Guidelines. Our Connecticut divorce lawyers thoroughly explain how you can use these laws and regulations to support your position and we advise when to seek an amount that deviates from the calculated support. We have extensive experience in high income and high asset cases and are knowledgeable in how to argue for deviations above child support amounts that might otherwise be ordered.

Child support enforcement

If the other parent refuses to pay the amount of support the court ordered, you have recourse. We hold the delinquent parent responsible for the full amount of arrearages. Our team pushes as hard as we must to get you the funds that rightfully belong to your children — using such tactics as contempt of court, wage garnishment, seizure of tax refunds and liens on property.

Modification of orders

Your life is not static and neither is your financial situation. A lost job, sudden injury, onset of an illness, shrinking investments or general economic recession can diminish your ability to continue paying the child support you were ordered to pay. You are responsible for the amount ordered by the court until the judge rules otherwise. To limit the hardship on you, we promptly seek a modification of the order to an amount that is consistent with your current income and ability to pay.

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