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Laws regarding post-majority educational support in Connecticut

An Act Concerning Educational Support Orders became law in 2002. The statute clarifies the authority of the courts to enter educational support orders in certain circumstances. We helped to get this law passed as failure to order college costs posed great injustice to Connecticut divorcing families. Partner Sally Oldham wrote position papers for the Connecticut Bar Association Family law Section, raising equal protection issues and both Arnold Rutkin and Sally Oldham testified before the legislature in favor of the law. Our knowledgeable team remains up-to-date on the latest case laws and statutes affecting your children and can clearly explain how CGS 466-56c affects funding of your children’s college education.

An Act Concerning Educational Support Orders

The Connecticut law sets the parameters governing when the court can order a parent to contribute to children’s education, including:

  • The child is younger than 23 years of age.
  • The support is for attendance at a university, college or occupational school for a bachelor’s degree or vocational training.
  • The parent would likely have contributed to the child’s education had the family remained intact.
  • UCONN cap

When making its decision, the court considers the parents’ income, the child’s need for financial assistance, availability of other sources of financial aid, the child’s commitment to and likelihood of earning a degree, and essential information about the institution the child intends to attend.

Enforcement of existing orders

Couples who entered into agreements or accepted judgments prior to enactment of the educational support act may have many questions. Can you request that the other parent help fund your child’s college education? Can you be held to an agreement made before the price of education skyrocketed as your income drastically declined? We are available to ensure that you are treated fairly and that your children are given the best opportunities that most appropriately suit your intentions and abilities to finance their post-majority education.

Learn more about the court’s authority to order educational support of Connecticut college-aged children

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