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Protecting kids in Connecticut family law matters

Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, LLC was established in 1982 to assertively support families through divorces and custody disputes. As an integral part of our philosophy, we act as guardians ad litem (GAL) and as attorneys for minor children (AMC) to protect the rights of children. Because they trust in our knowledge, perseverance and integrity, courts regularly appoint our lawyers to represent children as GALs and AMCs.

An attorney for the minor child in Connecticut

As defined in the landmark Ireland v. Ireland case, an attorney for the child argues on behalf of his or her client based on the evidence in the case and the applicable laws. The American Bar Association further explains that an AMC owes the child the same duties of loyalty, confidentiality and competent representation as would be due an adult client. As AMC, we advocate the child’s position with the same zealous representation we provide all our clients. We express our minor client’s wishes and ask the court to consider them when making custody and visitation decisions.

Connecticut guardian ad litem

If conflicts arise drawing into question what may be in the minor child's best interest, the court appoints a GAL to present the best interest argument — which is sometimes in conflict with what the child wants. A GAL is essential during custody disputes to inform the court of the type of arrangement that would most benefit the child. Our team develops a compassionate, trusting relationship with the child and advocates the position that protects the minor’s well-being.

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