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Healthcare Expenses In Connecticut Child Support Agreements

Medical and Dental Expenses

Healthcare costs are increasing and becoming more of an issue in child support considerations. Even very healthy children must undergo expensive preventative measures, such as vaccines, pediatric checkups, and dental cleanings and exams. If your child suffers from a serious medical condition or sustains a severe injury, the price of proper treatment can grow substantially.

In 1982, experienced family law attorneys established Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, LLC to focus exclusively on issues related to matrimonial and domestic laws. Our dedicated lawyers have witnessed — and sometimes initiated — changes in custody, support and asset allocation legislation and case laws. As healthcare has undergone substantial revisions over the past three decades, so have the innovative approaches our attorneys have utilized to put our clients in the best position to protect their families.

Premiums, deductibles and unreimbursed procedures

When we strategize a plan of action, we first review all the elements of your case, including:

  • Your children’s general medical needs
  • Anticipated costs of covering special procedures and treatments
  • Costs of premiums, deductibles and potentially unreimbursed procedures
  • Whether you pay for insurance through your employment or independently
  • If your spouse has access to better and less expensive family insurance policies

We determine the most comprehensive, effective manner of paying for healthcare costs and guide you toward equitable settlements that incorporate the tools that benefit you and your children. Our thoroughness does not leave room for surprise. For example, we make sure that your final judgment addresses the possibility of unexpected accidents or illnesses that can require extensive financial support so that you can afford to obtain the level of care you want your child to receive.

Consult our knowledgeable team about covering Connecticut healthcare costs in your children’s support judgment

To learn more about including vital healthcare terms in your Connecticut divorce custody order, call the Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, LLC Westport office at 203-227-7301 or our Greenwich office at 203-869-7277 or contact us online to schedule your consultation.


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