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Psychological Issues and Custody Evaluations

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Fighting for custody of your own children can be an anguishing experience when you do not have a knowledgeable advocate by your side. Making a wrong decision can have painful consequences — including less time to spend with your children and diminished control over their upbringing.

Founded in 1982, Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, LLC focuses exclusively on family law issues in cases throughout Fairfield County. Child custody lawyers on our team have extensive experience effectively handling highly contentious custody battles. We have a reputation for pursuing every possible solution so that our clients can maintain strong, healthy relationships with their children throughout and after divorce.

Guiding you through the process of an evaluation

If we have not been able to reach a reasonable child custody agreement, the court typically appoints a guardian ad litem or attorney for the minor child and orders a psychological evaluation as the next step in the process of determining child custody. The process takes four to five months and is conducted by an impartial, independent forensic evaluator who evaluates evidence of the children's needs, the parents' skills and abilities and the best resulting fit. Some steps the evaluator may take during the course of the evaluation include:

  • Interviewing you and the other parent
  • Meeting with siblings and other members of the extended family
  • Reviewing a complete family history
  • Talking to references provided by each parent
  • Personality testing and assessment
  • Considering information released from your children’s doctors, schools and extracurricular programs
  • Speaking with the children who are the focus of the custody dispute
  • Collecting information about your mental health or the mental health of the other parent

At the conclusion of the process, the counselor files a report with the court.

How we can help

Our team prepares you for the custody evaluation so that you know what to expect at every stage. We emphasize the elements that show your success as a parent and effectively address challenging matters up front. Because the court often appoints our attorneys as guardians ad litem, we can also advise you on preparing your children for the experience to alleviate anxiety, uncertainty and pressure.

Consult dedicated Westport and Greenwich child custody lawyers who guide you through the psychological custody evaluation process

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