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Connecticut Alimony Laws

Spousal support in Fairfield County and Connecticut divorces

When divorcing partners earn vastly different incomes, the issue of alimony typically arises. Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, LLC was established in 1982 to assist divorcing clients with asset preservation. Our members coauthor Family Law and Practice with Forms, the three-volume series that covers complex family law issues and spousal support laws. We clearly advise you on your rights or obligations regarding alimony.

Alimony basics

In many cases, one spouse may have forfeited employment or educational opportunities to raise children or support a partner’s career. In other instances, there are great differences in income. Alimony is designed to provide support for a spouse who has a lower income level. This type of support is separate from child support and property distribution and is governed by different rules and laws.

Lump-sum and periodic payments

A lump-sum amount may benefit both spouses — for example, if the recipient intends to return to school in order to earn more income in the future and so nullify the other spouse’s support obligations. Also, partners may choose a lump-sum payment to avoid continued contact with each other. In other cases, periodic support allows the paying spouse to spread financial obligations over time while ensuring that the supported spouse receives long-term income.

Taxation of alimony

Alimony is considered taxable income to the recipient and a tax deduction to the former spouse paying the support. We consider crucial taxation issues when advising you on the terms of spousal support. For example, we can counsel you on the advantages of accepting or waiving outright property rights in return for greater or lesser alimony payment obligations or receipts.

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