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Divorce Law Firm Establishes A Fair Division of Assets in Connecticut Divorces

Protecting your rights to your property

The decisions you make during your divorce can profoundly affect your financial future. Connecticut law protects your rights to your individual property and an equitable amount of your marital property. Established in 1982, Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, LLC guides you through the process of protecting your assets when your marriage dissolves.

Know what you have

Crucial to creating a successful divorce strategy is thorough knowledge of what you have. Create a list of your assets, valuation estimates and debts owed. We can assist you with the valuation process so you have an accurate assessment of the property’s worth. Include in your list:

  • Real property
  • Joint bank accounts
  • Personal bank accounts
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Businesses
  • Antiques, wine and collectables
  • Automobiles
  • Boats, trailers and other vehicles
  • Jewelry
  • Retirement plans

Strategizing the division of assets

Some assets are irreplaceable — such as a special piece of jewelry, a rare book or a unique car. Identify those items which are non-negotiable. We can use other assets that are more easily replaced as bargaining tools during settlement negotiations to obtain those things you dearly want. Because we enter negotiation with a defined strategy for reaching your objectives, we are prepared to take your case to trial if your spouse refuses to cooperate in negotiating an equitable agreement.

Secure your financial future by contacting our knowledgeable Greenwich divorce law firm to assist you with Connecticut asset division. Our offices serve the following CT areas: Greenwich, Westport, New Canaan, Wilton and Darien.

To resolve your family law issues, you can count on the dedicated team at Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, LLC Call our Westport office at 203-227-7301 or our Greenwich office at 203-869-7277 or contact us online to schedule your consultation.


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