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How Do You Protect Yourself After A High-Net-Worth Divorce?

When Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones announced they had separated, the couple insisted there was no crisis in their marriage and they did not discuss plans to divorce. It is likely that, behind the scenes, each party was consulting their attorneys to determine how to best position themselves should the separation progress to divorce.

Deciding to separate often is the first step a couple takes toward divorce, and whether you live in Connecticut or Hollywood, your concerns during divorce likely involve protecting your rights, your assets and your children. Moving out of the marital home can be your worst mistake, as it frequently results in the other parent gaining temporary custody — and temporary custody often becomes permanent custody. It is important to talk to your attorney before making any changes in your living arrangements.

Because Connecticut courts can distribute separate property as well as marital property, it is essential that you consult a Connecticut divorce attorney for advice about how best to shield your assets and optimize your chances at obtaining a fair settlement. You will want to consider changing passwords, obtaining copies of all financial records, freezing joint credit cards and freezing or withdrawing funds from joint accounts. This period of time is also when temporary child support and temporary spousal support can become issues.

If you’re considering separation or divorce and have a high net-worth, contact Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin for solid legal advice.

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