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Child support is an obligation all parents must provide for their minor children. It is mandated by law in every state, including Connecticut. Whether you are contending with this issue due to a divorce, or a post-divorce situation, or as an unmarried parent, the legal counsel you will find at Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin can prove to be invaluable. Our family law firm is a leader in this field for clients throughout Connecticut. In fact, Attorney David Griffin was the co-chair of the most recent Connecticut Child Support Guidelines Commission. We are well-known and highly respected for our strong history of effective case representation both at the settlement table and in court.

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Child Support Issues in Connecticut

Child support is generally paid by one parent to the other based on a number of factors. The parent with whom the child spends less time is generally obligated to provide this support to the other parent. When the parents share equal parenting time, the parent with the greater income generally must pay child support to the parent with the lower income. These payments are calculated according to the Connecticut Child Support and Arrearage Guidelines. The mathematical formula for calculation can be complicated, which is why it is important to seek the help of a qualified attorney.

  • Factors that are taken into consideration to determine these payments include:
  • The gross income of both parents, less valid deductions such as state and federal taxes, medical insurance, and other mandatory contributions or obligations
  • The combined net incomes of both parents
  • The financial resources the child would have benefitted from if the parents remained together
  • The number of children receiving support

These basic factors then contribute to a calculation based on the “income shares model” which results in proportionate sharing of the obligation to support the children. Other factors may impact adjustments to these basic support payments based on the unique circumstances of the case. These are often referred to as “deviations” from the state guidelines.

Deviations to Child Support Payments

Deviations are differently calculated payment amounts from the standard payments calculated by the guidelines. These are ordered by the courts based on such factors as the specific needs of the child, such as medical or, educational needs; high visitation expenses for the supporting parent; the ages and health conditions of the parents; the earning capacities of the parents; how assets are divided in the divorce; children from other relationships that the paying parent is required to support; how custody is shared; and severe differences in income between the two parties. Thus, support calculations can be flexible. Having an attorney with experience and knowlede as to when and how to use deviations is important.

Other Child Support-Related Issues


In some cases, you may need legal help to have child support payments enforced in cases of parental delinquency. Our firm can take legal action on your behalf through the court to enforce these payments. Courts have various methods of enforcement from wage garnishment to holding the parent in contempt.


You can seek a modification of court-ordered child support payments, when justified. This requires a significant change in circumstances, such as a job loss, increased income, or another issue which would warrant such a modification. Our attorneys can evaluate your case to determine whether and when such a modification would be likely.

Work with Our Westport Child Support Attorneys

At Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, we negotiate for settlements and argue for judgments that reflect fair allocation of financial support in child support matters. We also do not hesitate to seek enforcement aggressively if a parent fails to abide by the obligations imposed by the court. If you need legal guidance for any child support issue, our team is here to serve you with strong advocacy, knowledge, and experience.

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