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Child custody is one of the most difficult issues that parents can face. Parents justifiably worry about how a divorce will affect their relationship with their children, as well as how their children will fare with the prospect of separate households. In the most contentious cases, parents may be pitted against one another based on their concerns for their children and various emotional issues between themselves. At times, one parent may wrestle with mental health or addiction difficulties, and these are cases where one parent may attempt to estrange the children from the other parent. Under any circumstances, the issue of child custody can be challenging and emotional. In these more complex cases, the issue can cause further strain and conflict that can take months, or even years, to resolve.

Complex custody cases in Connecticut require court intervention that calls for the experience of an attorney who has successfully addressed and resolved these types of cases in the past. At Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, our legal team is comprised of consummate professionals who have negotiated and litigated such challenging and emotionally charged disputes. We understand how deeply important the issue of child custody can be. We apply our exceptional knowledge, experience, and insight into providing the representation you need at this critical time.

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Factors That Complicate Child Custody Cases

Various issues can complicate a custody matter, which can result in prolonged litigation. Family dynamics, including past history and extended family relationships, finances, and more, can play a major role in how parents approach the matter. Serious mental health problems, addiction, alcoholism, abuse, neglect, and emotional disturbances can all complicate custodial issues.

Other factors can also be cause for contention and complication. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Major disputes between parents as to how the child should be raised. These disputes can be based on educational, religious, social, or other issues differences between the parents.
  • The special needs or disability of the child. These children often require ongoing treatment, medications, therapy, and extra attention in caring for their needs.
  • Issues of domestic violence or child neglect that have occurred in the past. This type of history can raise questions as to the physical and emotional health and safety of the child while in the care of the alleged abuser.
  • Allegations of the unsuitability of a parent. These allegations can be based on substance abuse, criminal activities, emotional or mental instability, the inability to hold down a job, and more.
  • The disruption of visitation rights, in which disputes can arise when one parent has denied the other legitimate visitation rights.
  • A child’s resistance to visits with one parent, which may be the result of behaviors of one or both of the parents.
  • Relocation issues, when one parent wishes to relocate to a significantly distant area that restricts or otherwise affects visitation by the other parent.
  • Extreme emotional stress due to the breakdown of the marital relationship.
  • Extreme disagreements about any aspect of child custody, from physical custody arrangements to other parenting plan matters.

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Our attorneys at Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin have decades of experience in the field of family law. Our firm emphasizes client involvement and a team approach to ensure your case will be well-analyzed, well-researched, and well-prepared for all contingencies. You will be an important member of our team because, after all, this is your life, your children, and you have invaluable information about all aspects of your family life.

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We understand that no two family law cases are alike. While our clients may be going through similar processes, each case brings a different set of circumstances involving family dynamics, personal histories, financial matters, specific legal needs, emotional challenges, and more. What works for one client may not work for you. We approach each case by taking the time to thoroughly understand all of the details of your unique situation. Our strategies can then be thoughtfully tailored to serve your specific goals and purposes.